Sunday, July 17, 2005

la ragione dietro festeggiamento

Saif Ali Khan has won the National Award for Best Actor
for his performance in film Hum Tum.
I loved the film all because of your performance Saif - you were so cool :)
Hope you get your share of good stories, good directors and good roles.
Kudos on your performance in Parineeta.


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Enigma said...

Are you KIDDING ME!!!!

It was enough that they made a sham out of Filmfare and are coming up spurt of Hocus-pocus awards, with each Filmi family coming on stage in turns, crying there eyes out with chemical induced tears, a long list of thank yous, and also, telling how sweet and kind the chap from the other filmy family is (who gives vague grin, with drugged eyes wandering aimlessly) inspite of having a criminal record, underworld connection and history of drunken accidents / notorious affairs.

National award was the only clean one left in town where serious art was appreciated (though the awards were conferred with a shade of politics).


At 10:42 AM, Blogger abnegator said...

he was truely amazing in that movie or better say the movie was good enough to fit him... but yes he has improved a lot..saif is a very good guitarist by the way.. I heard him play a GnR number -sweet child o mine - at some film fest or something..which was good..i mean Gooood..


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