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Phir Hera Pheri … =)) … =)) … =))

NB: If you have watched “Hera Pheri” (HP), you’ll identify more with
this article than Non-HP viewers.


Hmm…so sequels aren’t that bad after all!
Phir Hera Pheri (PHP) is a sequel to HP. The main characters remain the same!

The film is about another trap that these 3 fall into: Baburao Ganpatrao Apte (played by Paresh Rawal), Raju (played by Akshay Kumar) and Shyam (played by Sunil Shetty).

Luckily [or unluckily] these 3 had got some moolah for a kind deed, which they never intended to do – the deed was performed in HP. So now they stay in a bungalow (which definitely looks worth more than 50 lakh, the amount it gets sold for… in this movie) instead of Baburao’s ancestral garage-cum-home. The bungalow has a swimming pool – and it needs a mention coz Baburao takes bath by pulling out bucket-by-bucket water from the pool /:) --- innovative scene that surely makes you giggle!

The film opens with an item number by Dia Mirza [she is trying too hard…she should quit for some time : ]. The main plot is about the 3 guys losing their money to Anuradha [played by Bipasha Basu]. She puts forth a chit fund scheme (money doubled in 21 days, minimum amount to be deposited is Rs. 1 crore) to them through Raju. Raju, as usual, with his trait manages to gather Rs. 50 lakhs and gets the other half by selling the bungalow they live in. After 21 days everything is lost, the 3 so-called-rich guys come back to a chawl. And what begins next…is more than a roller-coaster ride. I want to see the movie at least 2 more times to remember which scene follows which B-).

The way the underworld don, the local bhai and villains from the past [the ones in HP] are interwoven is commendable. Hats off to Neeraj Vora (the director) for making such a flick. It is only the writer (Neeraj Vora again) of such a story who could have managed to bring all threads together and justify each of them. The story, the screenplay, the direction and the editing are amazing - again Neeraj Vora is responsible for all these.

This movie is a must watch. No matter how many reviews one ends up reading, one should go and have a gala time watching it!

Now about the performances. The actresses Bipasha Basu (Shyam’s love interest) and Rimi Sen (Raju’s love interest) do not have much to do…. but they play well whatever they have been told to. Bips looks amazing…;;).

Paresh Rawal is absolutely perfect. He is one actor who almost always justifies his character to the T. The way he walks and gets irritated is so consistent – wow…that’s commendable. Sunil Shetty plays what he has been told to do. As it is he was never given that importance in HP…same in PHP.

Now for the stunning performer – of course has to be Akshay Kumar [people who know me wont be surprised :P]. Akki is just improving with every movie. He looks very cool and gets the audience whistles with his entry in “Kitne Armaan” song. Well when I was seeing the movie, some little kiddo kept repeating certain punch lines said by Akki – very impressive for sure. Seems everyone loves him these days :). And yes again Paresh Rawal slaps him in the movie – poor Akki :(.

As for rest of the cast – Rajpal Yadav and Johnny Lever are entertaining too. All the actors have played their characters as expected. Good direction!

So the movie is an out-and-out comedy, a director’s movie to the core. The music is average. Himesh Reshammiya does a decent job. Personal favorites are “Kitne Armaan” and “Jumme raat” - in case you didn’t see this song on MTv, you wouldn’t have enjoyed it much on the big screen – reason being it is the closing song. The way Akki reacts to everyone in the song shows how much his reflexes have improved from where he started.

So…here’s me hoping to see at least one more film having Baburao, Raju and Shyam falling into another trap and not coming out of it :)). The way PHP ends – with Raju hanging half in air from the bridge and the cell in his mouth ringing, it would be interesting to see what happens next, what say?
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At 9:11 PM, Blogger ThinShark said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but the review makes it sound a lot like "Lock Stock and 2 smokin' barrels" a movie again renowned for slick direction.
At least the end is definitely the same. And when that was made, it was regarded as one of the greatest end scenes of all time.
Will look that up and let you know.
If he's going to throw something wealthy off the bridge and his friends (who told him to dispose it) are trying to call him ad stop him, then it's a definite copy.
Am going to check the movie out i any case (more intrigued now). Thanks for the review :)

At 2:19 AM, Blogger Apurv said...

Aditi, thats a good review you got there, in fact all your blogs are nice and attractive. Keep up the good work. Now I have an urge to watch this movie..

At 3:13 AM, Blogger Rohit Joshi said...


I have seen the movie and enjoyed it immensely, but still, there are some minor flaws to the movie. One very big flaw is that it's the sequel, so one expects too much from it.I would have a classic in its own, if given, there was no prquel to it. But as HP is a classic comedy, people as their tendency is, try to compare, and there are the moments where they have repeated the scenes and the dialogues from the HP, or i would say, tried to remind viewers of the original. Then, the movie is very rich in script but lacks the "sadabahar" comedy. One will get bored if he watches the movie third time, unlike HP. Then the climax is just ok, where director tried to create a hell lot of mess and characters, but still it was not an impressive show. The "Ramlila" guys who were also trying to venture in the laughter riot, were not seen afterwards. Then the circus scene may appeal to childrens and the newcomer to the hindi cinema, but for the experienced one, its just a repeat telecast of tried, tested and dumped formula. I enjoyed the movie only because of Raju and Babu bhai, whom i shall refer my their movie name, as their actos counterparts have acted so well, that these characters have become real.Sunil Shetty is wasted in film, thanks to the superb P.R and political hold Akki has on Nadiadwala's brothers. There was no need for any of the heroine, there was no need for any song either in the film. Johny Lever appealed only in some scenes, Sunil Pal was completely wasted, that's a shame for the Neeraj Vora, who is script writer also. Sharat Saxena (villain) could have got good dialogues and role, but was wasted again. So the movie will only do good for Akki and Paresh Rawal.In absence of them the movie must have gone a disaster. One more point, the movie had no appealing dialogues and some of the scenes and dialogues were straight from the daily life jokes, so though the script is very tight and richly woven, claps for Neeraj Vora, it seems like the food is digestive and ample, but not tasty enough. I still liked the movie, for its a very good effort on part of Neeraj Vora and the type of comedy we are getting these days.


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