Sunday, June 19, 2005

Criticizing – Bunty aur Babli (BB)

On Saturday, 18th June 2005, from 3:15pm to another two-and-a-half-hours, my brain stopped functioning – but partly. The reason is obvious - I was watching BB with couple of friends. It’s not that I didn’t know the movie is keep-your-brain-at-home-and-watch type but I was really disappointed. The people who made it didn’t excel in stupidity – they were just average.

I had gone to see Waqt with a friend when I saw the posters of BB. They looked amazing – the movie appeared to be a just-laugh-don’t-think type. It’s then when I decided to see the movie once it is released. [Actually Abhishek Bachchan was looking quite promising ;;) ] However, when the film released something told me – don’t watch the movie, it might be a total disappointment – and it turned out to be true :(

As far as the movie is concerned – it is about Rakesh (played by Abhishek) and Vimmi (played by Rani Mukherjee) who live in a place where no-one-wants-to-progress-in-life. They think about being famous and rich and end up being famous (?) frauds – with alias names Bunty and Babli. The entire screenplay is ambiguous – once BB are in Mumbai, and the next moment in front of Taj Mahal, Agra. That’s even bearable – but watching something, which is like pieces of not even a single puzzle but n puzzles, is frustrating. Had it not be Big B [no comments on his I-love-my-son-and-will-do-anything-for-him performance], I would have fainted. He is just so stylish – thoda bahut timepass ho gaya.

As far as out-of-the-blue-moon songs are concerned, Aishwarya Rai looks a bit fat and not-so-comfortable in the item number “Kajrare”. Abhishek does a bit of good dancing in “Nach Baliye”. Rani looks heavy weight champion in ”Nach Baliye” :P.

Finally, Shaad Ali Sahgal, the director, needs to really learn how not to think completely. They say half knowledge is dangerous – now I know why. Make an entirely nonsense but funny movie [like Coolie No. 1] but don’t make a partly-nonsense-terribly-frustrating movie.

Abhishek – just wanted a more carefree performance. At times you really amazed me, but at times why don’t you act as freely as you should have? Just stop thinking completely when you do a senseless role, please.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Kind of reviewing - Parineeta

From the time the promos of Parineeta hit the TV screen, I decided I just want to see this movie. The most appealing things in the promos were the look, the actress and of course, Saif Ali Khan. So when the film released on 10th June 2005, the very next day on 11th June 2005…it was a Saturday, I saw it along with a group of friends.

The film is an adaptation of a novel and is based in Calcutta …1962 precisely. It is a story (yeah…this film has a story…amazed na…me too :P) of Lolita and Shekhar, two people who have always been together right from their childhood. Lolita has lost her parents in an accident and so she comes to stay with her maternal uncle. There she meets Shekhar, whom she befriends very easily. They grow up together, Lolita always knowing she can’t do anything that will make Shekhar sad and Shekhar always assuming Lolita is there when he needs her. The later part deals with how they get married, are separated and finally in the end are united. It’s the look and the treatment that further raises the level of the movie.

The most interesting thing about this film is Lolita’s character. She doesn’t want anything for herself – if Shekhar is happy – she’s happy. She takes care of almost everyone around her but definitely loves Shekhar the most. Deep in her heart she knows she cannot be anyone else’s but his…yet she tells him to dress up as he has to see a girl his father wants him to marry. And Mr. Shekhar is stubborn, mostly loner, keeping himself busy in music and involving Lolita in almost everything he does. Shekhar always takes Lolita for granted.

Lolita, is played by Vidya Balan (if I am not wrong, she is the girl who played one of the five sisters in the TV program “Hum Paanch”, the one who wears a hearing aid and spectacles). She is just so perfect to play the character. She is pretty, innocent and her eyes do most of the talking.

Shekhar is played by Saif. Saif is amazing in the role – right from the beginning he is totally into his character. He looks serious, is happy sometimes (his smile is great ;;) ) , totally relies on his father for his personal moves. Hope Saif gets a chance to work with good directors so that he can play roles that exhibit his true potential. I have liked Saif from his first movie (Aashiq Awara) but always wished he had a trim haircut. Now, no need to say, he is one of the most stylish actors in the industry.

Parineeta is entirely a director’s vision – Pradeep Sarkar has done a good job one can say. The editing is quite crisp - visuals are picturesque. However, the climax of the movie is a bit too dramatic and so becomes a bit funny…with everyone shouting “Tod Shekhar tod” (Shekhar’s mon, his friend, the lawyer and others tell Shekhar to break the wall between his and Lolita’s house so that he can go to the other side…arre seedha rasta le leta toh bhi chalta :P ).

The music is sweet – specially the song “Piya toh se…” – it is well shot.

You can definitely see the movie once. Let’s see how Parineeta does at the box-office.


Sanjay Dutt – He can’t say ‘no’ to Vidhu Vinod Chopra – however, gives a decent performance.

Dia (was aka Diya) Mirza – yeah…she is also there in the film…actually “Spot Dia…win exciting prizes”…aisa koi competition rakhna chahiye tha :P

Rekha – Totally disappoints…looks old and has loud makeup – she is there for only a song – it’s a special appearance.