Saturday, August 20, 2005

Humming…Bin tere sanam…

One can say - this one’s from the archives...

Remix was/is in boom – but one song that was probably forgotten and was brought back to the limelight was “Bin tere sanam”.

The remix video had the extremely vulnerable Kirti Reddy, Aryan Vaid and some Aseem Merchant (btw, does any one know who he is?) Kirti is really very sweet and pretty…I just wished she could act a bit better. Anyways, I like her screen presence :)

For the record, let’s dig through the original movie and song. Here it goes:
Movie - Yaara Dil Dara
Produced By: Mirza Brothers
Directed By: Mirza Brothers
Actors: Asif Sheikh, Rohini, Ruchika Pandey
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpur
Music Director: Jatin-Lalit
Singers: Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurty
Theme: Love, Social
Year: 1991

I liked Asif Sheikh (AS) that time [only saw the song, not the movie, it was a disaster at the box-office, though it had good music] – only wished he had a trim haircut – God knows why all heroes have long hair in their debut/initial movies? Now Mr. AS is doing a great job by doing funny roles in T.V. serials like “Yes Boss (SAB TV)” and others on same channel. Also, liked his small cameo in “Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya” :)) . He is a decent performer.

A not-so updated filmography of AS can be found here.

Dun no anything about the heroine :-S [not even interested to know :-P ]

Song was amazing then and is equally melodious even today :)

You can find lyrics in Devnagari script yahaan
You can find lyrics in English language over here

My fav stanza is…
“Yeh jaankar balamji
Thaami hain teri baahein
Sehni padengi sabki
Kaanton bhari nighayein”

So, all I can say this is one of those many songs I like to listen anytime!
[lol…I am a movie buff…so I end up liking many film songs…sometimes of movies whose names most of the people won’t know ;)) ]

Btw, good work DJ Suketu to bring this song back to the forefront!


I saw Ramgopal Verma’s ‘D’ in the company canteen. We have this weekly movie every Friday after office hours.

What shall I say – Ramu, off late is trying out different type of films – he always does that, but now his focus is on only an aspect – it’s like one fact at one place! Not too much stress on what, how, why – it is and it is like that. No matter, whatever you think, fact is fact! When you talk about a person’s profession, talk about it only, its various aspects, don’t think why he is doing that and what for. (Assume suitable data if necessary)

Good that I saw ‘D’ after I saw Sarkar else the freshness which I found in Sarkar because of character artists would have been missing. Almost all character artists have been repeated. I found the movie so-so. The beginning scene is too long. The good part is Chunkey Pandey – I have mostly enjoyed his performances, though they might not be that conspicuous. It’s kind of strange that I argued with a friend (who thinks I like almost everything about Hindi movies) that Chunkey Pandey is a good performer and was pleasantly surprised to see that he was to feature in ‘D’ (I came to know that when I saw the promos). Pleasant coincidence :)

And last but not the least – Mr D (Deshu) – that’s played by a certain Randeep Hooda. He has kept a straight face all through the movie – no expressions, whatsoever. But then you can’t stop noticing the twinkle in his eyes when he is with his girlfriend and the rare smile when he is with some people – you won’t be able to make out whether he likes them or not?

This is for Sushant Singh – why did you act in this movie? It’s painful to see something close to an antique as just another piece of furniture in the room.