Sunday, December 04, 2005

Garam Masala… =))

Garam Masala is another slapstick from director Priyadarshan.

The movie doesn’t have a story line at all; but it is one of those movies, where one can’t stop laughing at almost all the gags shown. The movie is about Makrand aka Mac (played by Akshay Kumar) and Shyam aka Sam (played by John Abraham). These two are photographers who can’t resist beautiful girls and are constantly chasing them. Mac is supposed to marry Anjali (played by Rimi Sen). However, he is so busy in his own world that he never even remembers her.

The movie begins with the song “Adaa” which successfully puts forth the theme of the movie. Initially, Mac is at senior position in the company. He belittles Sam every time he gets a chance. But Sam cheats successfully and manages to become his senior. Sam goes for an assignment to U.S.A. for 1 month. Meanwhile, Mac manages to get hold of a posh flat, great cars supplied by his mechanic friend (played by Rajpal Yadav), and 3-timing obviously three air-hostesses (wonder whether the usage is correct :-/ ). In case, you think what the story (?) is leading to, don’t even dare to think what will happen in the end!

The entire plot revolves in Mac managing the 3 girls. He is helped by Uncle Mambo (played by Paresh Rawal) to set the things right in the house, such as changing the photo in the frame corresponding to the girl present at that moment. Also, poor Mambo keeps throwing cooked food in a dustbin (really huge one for a normal size kitchen); that’s because of continuously varying schedules of flights, sometimes more than 1 girl (of course each of thinking she is the only one present up to the climax when the plot is) is in the house and each one demands a different meal. The way such situations are handled makes one laugh. It is stupid but you can’t control laughing.

For Akshay Kumar fans, the movie is a treat. His comic timing has improved in leaps-and-bounds. Poor Akki trips a lot in the movie. Akshay looks good as always and the entire focus is on him. The restaurant scene where Mac and Sam both take Maggie, the receptionist (played by Neha Dhupia) is amazing.
The confused + worried +what-should-I-do-next look on Akshay’s face shows his versatility.

John Abraham, well, he is not at all good in comedy, as of now. He needs to learn first; only then will arise the question of whether he should improve or not. He looks stupid throughout the movie. One scene worth mention is when he sings “Main aayi aayi aayi” while rushing to the main door. That comes as a surprise and really makes one giggle. Wonder why he was made to give a totally-lost-jaw-dropping look? John has proved good as an intense actor; he really needs to concentrate on trying comedy now.

Rest all the cast has performed average. Sadly though, Rajpal Yadav does not have a significant role.

Music is catchy. ‘Adaa’ rocks. ‘Kiss me baby… Garam Masala’ is enjoyable too. ‘Dil Samandar’ is average. However, none of the songs have been shot as good as they sound L. ‘Falak dhekun’ is a bit decently shot one – especially the ‘red’ set.

To conclude, Garam Masala is a keep-your-brain-at-home-and-watch kind of movie. Actually, the screenplay is incomplete. It has too many assumptions. That’s what will confuse the audience.

Maybe the director concentrated too much on showing the superb comedy timing of one of the actors he really loves to work with… obviously it’s about Priyan and Akshay.

Though the movie won’t be liked much, every time one recollects the comic scenes at random, a giggle is guaranteed.

PS: I’ll remember it as one of Akshay’s best comic performance.